AC Joint inflammation


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Dec 30, 2020

I have a client (my wife) who has had shoulder pain for the last 10 months. Various assessments have led to AC joint inflammation. Steroid injection last week seems to have irritated symptoms and pain is worse at the moment. She is going to speak to Doctor who administered injection and see why it could have got worse from injection. Of course these don't always help but shouldn't make things worse.

Any way I was wondering if anyone has successfully dealt with AC Joint inflammation/pain before and what sort of approach they took. I am in the process of improving Upper Limb tests with load tolerance needing to be improved through bicep, although not awful in that respect. ROM is good in most aspects just sore at the shoulder to move.

I would welcome any ideas from anyone who has dealt with this in the past as obviously she is not only my client but my wife and I am keen to do what I can.

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