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Oct 22, 2020
Hey Guys,

I thought it might be nice to create a thread where people share cool articles, books, videos etc. and then maybe discuss how these ideas then relate to the system that Dave has created.

I've recently been a little bit obsessed by Rob Gray and the Perception and Action podcast, he puts out a lot of really good free content on motor control and learning through an ecological lens. Here's a really nice video where he talks about the Constraint Led Approach and how we can use it to help athletes explore a new solution space from which new movement solutions can emerge.

Relating this back to Dave's thinking and the content of the mentorship
  • Giving people the prescriptive verbal cue of "relaxing their back" or "pushing through the midfoot" reduces their solution space. From this new solution space, new behaviours can emerge loading certain tissues more e.g medial gastroc and hamstring and others less e.g iliocostalis
  • We can encourage midfoot/mid-hand pressure through the environmental constraint of placing the midfoot/hand on a raised surface e.g a weight plate/aerobic step and the heel off the raised surface
  • We can encourage a "relaxed back" with the environmental constraint of a bean bag under their chin
  • From these constraints, we are hoping to create new stable attractors e.g delayed knee extension which will then transfer to a wide variety of movement problems both in daily life and in a sporting context
If people have more thoughts on applying a constraint led approach to physio stuff or if people think I've misunderstood something leave a message, I'd love to start a dialogue.



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Sep 22, 2020
Great find mate keep sharing anything else mate you find!!
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