My first win. :))


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Sep 29, 2022
Hello everyone. Julieann, the Osteopath Clapham here. I just wanted to share with you my first BIG win. I am very new to the Mentorship, only having completed up to 3/4s of Module 1, so its exciting to see the impact of applying the little I have learnt so far. In the videos viewed so far, Dave has talked about the impact on the iliocostalis of extra weight put through the spine. Well, while I was going through this material I was treating a VERY heavily pregnant lady, bigger than her weeks, poor love and her issue was the right iliocostalis lumborum. A strain in this area was causing the lower thoracic and upper lumbar erector spinae to spasm creating excruciating pain made worse by sitting upright, bolt upright, at her desk at work. Having gained a "quick win", as Dave puts it, by releasing the iliocostalis with various hands on treatment techniques, including stretching the round ligaments, I asked the lady to relax her posture while sitting. This was the advice Dave had given in the videos. Now, I would have thought that stacking the spine upright on the sitting bones would be better, but no, a bit of soft support to slump back into did the trick! Tissue causing symptoms attended to, painful muscle spasms switched off. Brilliant! And now the lady is recommending me to all her pregnant friends and her midwife wants to use me for referrals. GO JOB PROSPORT!
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