Posterior Shoulder Stabilisation


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Oct 23, 2020
Hi guys,

I currently have an athlete who has recently undergone posterior shoulder stabilisation surgery.
His safe zone is 90 flex/90 abd, he must not go into extension, must keep his arm in ER and not cross his midline as per surgeons protocol. He is also to remain in his sling which keeps him in a small amount of abd and ER when not performing his exercises.
I am currently able to see him daily as it is within a professional environment, he is doing some low level ROM work within his safe zones, scap control and some low level isos as he can tolerate (as prescribed by the lead physio).

He has increased tone mainly in his pec, traps and rotator cuff muscles. I have just been using some trigger point style work to try and aid this currently due to his limitations with movement I haven't been able to perform the more typical 'hands-on' as taught in the mentorship.

My question is whether anyone has any experience with a similar type of issue i.e limited range and if they would use any other hands on techniques to try and relieve some of the tone. I understand the tone will improve as he is able to move better, however in the mean time I have to try and manage this patient.

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