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Dec 22, 2020
Hi Dave, Shane and the collective wisdom of the forum,

I have a 56 year old male who recovered from a cancer in his lymph nodes 10 years ago, it was predominately treated with Radiotherapy which has left him with considerable scaring to his neck and shoulders (I am not sure the attached photos do it justice). There is very little movement in the neck, which does not allow the lower jaw to open very wide affecting his ability to eat, chew and swallow and the neck and shoulder feel like they are chiselled out of marble. The scar tissue particularly to the Trapezius, Scalenes, Sternocleidomastoid is considerable and limiting his shoulder/neck movement significantly. His biceps, triceps, pectorals and associated muscles have increased range with a considerably amount of work, however I still feel this is not satisfactory for improving his mobility and ultimately his quality of life.

It seems he has had very little support rehabilitating after the treatment and has seen quite a few people regarding his limited movement but with very little improvement. He has continued to work within the textile industry throughout the past decade holding down a physical full time job but it has really taken it‘s toll on his body. I have written to his consultant to see what damage the treatment has actually done internally, I am awaiting a rely.

These symptoms do seem quite common from this type of aggressive treatment from the research I have done and I am hoping one or more of the forum will have experience of dealing/treating individuals successfully, your guidance and support, as always is very welcome.




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