Serratus Posterior Superior

Richard N

Mentorship Member
Dec 18, 2021
Hi folks. I am seeking help in trying to treat the above muscle.

I never paid much attention to it, quite frankly, but I have now seen three cases in the last six months, or since I started trhe mentorship. This is a bit embarrassing as I have clearly missed this in the past.

I have given the stretching exercise demonstrated by Shane and these work well, but I wonder if anyone had a suggestion about what I can do to actively treat this condition while patients are her in the clinic. To date I have put patients in sidelying, painful side up, with their arms hanging down (shoulder protraction) and used friction techniques and also dry needling. I'm having some success but not heaps.

I've also made sure that C6-T2 are nice and mobile to pick up the origins of the muscle. Usually the most painful area is underneath the medial border of the scapula.

Can anybody help, please?

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