Shoulder Dislocation- Subluxation- Complex Case


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Oct 28, 2020
Hi All,

Working with a client at the minute who has been popping out his shoulders quite frequently. First time it happened was 5 years ago playing rugby with arm out reached and it popped out and he played on and tackled another player and the other shoulder popped out too.
He has tried a lot of the traditional approaches, doing the WYT's, shoulder press, lateral raise and a few other exercises..
He does not feel confident with arms over head and in particular with the bench press. Has hyper mobility around the biceps and elbows..
I am wondering if you can let me know where you would start with this client as there are quite a few areas I would imagine that would need to be looked at.
Here is a photo of an MRI he got done.

Any advice would be great!!




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